Do I have to go to court for my traffic ticket?


by David Shurman Whether you must appear in court depends on the type of violation.  You may always appear in court to challenge your ticket or to plead guilty to the charges.  Certain traffic offenses may be handled without going to court by paying the fine and court costs prior to the court date listed on your citation. These traffic …

Should I Make a Statement to the Police?


by David Shurman, Criminal Defense Attorney with Freeman & Associates The short answer is NO!  If you are the subject of a criminal investigation, being held for an interrogation, or placed under arrest, do not make any statements to the police. You should first consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can help guide you through the criminal investigation …

How Do You Expunge a Criminal Record?


by David Shurman, Criminal Defense Attorney for Freeman & Associates Expungement refers to a legal process that destroys your criminal record as though it never happened, although in some cases a copy of the record may remain available to judicial and law enforcement officials for potential use in future court cases. In some states the terms sealing and expungement are …

How to Legally Invest in Marijuana Companies


by Claire Gaines, Attorney at Law – Swayne Lee & Associates Score one for the stoners: The pot industry is poised to be gigantic as more states embrace legalization. And, if you want to get in on the ground floor, several advocates say now is the right time to bet big on marijuana. “Overall public opinion of marijuana has changed,” …

What is the effect of legalizing marijuana on dogs?


With more and more states legalizing marijuana, pet owners need to know some basic facts about the impact of marijuana on dogs. Dogs have more cannabinoid receptors in their brains than people which means the effects of ingesting it will likely be more pronounced and more toxic.  Be especially careful if your dog ingests marijuana with chocolate, as both are harmful …

New Jersey Ramps Up Its Campaign to Legalize Marijuana


More Americans are now in favor in legalizing recreational marijuana,  see how this may impact New Jersey’s campaign…. The Basics of the New Jersey Campaign: “Decriminalize marijuana possession of up to 50 grams “immediately” and allow people who have been arrested for pot possession to expunge their records; Establish a Division of Marijuana Enforcement in the state Attorney General’s Office …

Is Medical Marijuana a Viable Alternative to Opioids for Pain?


By Devi E. Nampiaparampil, MD Everyone has experienced pain from injuries and illnesses. For most of us, it goes away before we’ve tested out all the treatment options. Those with severe chronic pain have learned that our choices are limited. Medical marijuana may be an alternative. Now that some states are allowing it, we are starting to see some data …

Just Like Cannabis Commercial Property Leases, Your Marijuana Equipment Lease Won’t Cut it on Boilerplate Provisions


By HILARY BRICKEN Most marijuana-regulated states tightly control who can own or finance a marijuana business. These states often want to preclude out-of-staters and convicted felons from owning or funding marijuana businesses. In turn, for those who cannot directly own or finance a marijuana business, an attractive option is the provision of services and/or goods to marijuana businesses. In addition to turnkey …

The Impact of Legal Marijuana on Pets


Veterinarians say they’re treating more pets for edible marijuana overdoses. KDLT’s Jill Johnson reports WATCH VIDEO Curated for Drew Lewis, a Colorado Cannabis Lawyer Powered by Scroll – Legal Marketing

HR 975: The Respect State Marijuana Laws Act


by Paul Armentano HR 975: The Respect State Marijuana Laws Act, which prevents the federal government from criminally prosecuting individuals and/or businesses who are engaging in state-sanctioned activities specific to the possession, use, production, and distribution of marijuana.  Record numbers of voters support regulating the marijuana market and oppose federal efforts to interfere or undermine state laws permitting the plant’s …